The U.S. Missions to Belgium are currently accepting applications for the Employment Opportunities listed below. All applications must be submitted through this website. We no longer accept mail-in or drop-off applications, except for newly arrived Eligible family members (EFMs) without Internet access. Each Employment Opportunity has a specific deadline listed. All applications must be received by the closing date as indicated; applications received after the closing date will not be considered. To view the employment opportunity announcement (as .pdf file), please click on the job title. If you wish to apply, click the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page.

Before you continue with the application process, please carefully read below text:

If the job announcement states that the position vacancy is open to Current Employees of the U.S. Mission, U.S. citizen EFMs, EFMs, and MOH – all agencies, then you MUST be a current U.S. Mission employee or eligible family member/MOH to apply. Other applicants will not be considered for these positions. For an overview of the terms (EFM/MOH/OR/NOR) and their definitions, please see our definitions list.

Certain positions are sensitive and require a security clearance certificate. State Department regulations (12FAM233 – Eligibility for security clearance) state that such a certificate can only be issued to U.S. citizens. We are therefore unable to hire non U.S. citizens for sensitive positions.

U.S. Embassy to Belgium
PositionClosing Date (midnight GMT+1)
Consular Associate (open to AEFMs, EFMs)January 23, 2018
Heating TechnicianJanuary 22, 2018
Shipment Clerk (open to all)January 28, 2018
Telephone Technician (open to all)January 28, 2018
U.S. Mission to the EU
There are currently no positions available.
U.S. Mission to NATO
There are currently no positions available.
U.S. Embassy to Luxembourg
There are currently no positions available.
Official Residence Staff
PositionClosing Date (midnight GMT+1)
ButlerOpen Until Filled
ChambermaidOpen Until Filled
ChefOpen Until Filled